Sellers of “Unimaginably Scrumptious” Chocolate Covered Bacon

Our Beginning.

The first time I was introduced to chocolate with bacon, I thought to myself, ” You have to be kidding “.  I mean chocolate, yes. Bacon? Absolutely.  What American can live without bacon? But then chocolate and bacon? No thanks. Yet my friend wouldn’t take no for an answer. He had a bacon chocolate bar he wanted me to try.  I reluctantly took a square in my hand and held it, hoping it would melt soon or he’d give up.  Instead he gave me a go-ahead nod.  With great hesitation, I took a bite. As the sweet flavor of the chocolate blended with the smokey bacon my taste buds were in Heaven! I couldn’t believe what I had just tasted. From that moment I knew I had to tell all my friends about this wonderful treat I had just experienced.

As I continued to take one bite after another, I started brainstorming about all the possibilities there could be with the combination of chocolate and bacon. There was something different from all the other treats I had ever eaten. Where had this been all my life?

One day another friend told me that he was hosting an outdoor food festival and the first thing that jumped into my mind was, “This is my chance to try this with other folks”.

My wife and I decided on good ol’ chocolate covered bacon and went to work right away to find just the right combination.  As it sizzled in the pan, its aroma filling our kitchen, I knew bacon had to be the main player.  We needed that irresistible smokiness characteristic in addition to the salty and sweet I had experienced. We experimented with a variety flavors and number of coatings until we found the perfect combination.  And y’all, it was squealin’ good.  Thus was born The Chocolate Pig, crispy, yummy bacon strips dipped in white, dark, and milk chocolates.  Naturally, we wanted the best quality product for our customers.  After a thorough research of different companies, we partnered with Schakolad, a Knoxville company that uses the highest quality ingredients for their delicious gourmet gluten-free chocolate. Some of the best tasting chocolate money can buy.

At the festival, people fell in love with our delicious combination as we sold out in about 4 hours. Our first thought afterward was to share these tasty treats with anyone who wanted them so ‘The Chocolate Pig’ was born.
Several folks have suggested a keto version.  Why not, we thought. Enter The Keto Pig.  For these goodies we use an exceptional all natural stevia sweetened, keto-friendly chocolate which has 0g. added sugar and only 4 net carbs. It is also Fair Trade certified and Non-GMO. Now you can have your sweets sans guilt.  We hand fill every bag with 8 half strips of chocolaty bacon and a pinch of love, then tie it with a colored ribbon. Come and experience these mouthwatering treats.  Try one or sample all.  Be the foodie who changes people’s lives with a unique and unusual gift.  Let our tasty delights make you stand out at your next party or meeting.  We can’t wait to hear from you.  Thank you for visiting.
Chris and Tracie.

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